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Imparta Features on Learning & Performance Institute’s Top 20 Highest-Performing Learning Providers

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Imparta is pleased to announce the company’s inclusion on the LPI’s 2018 list of the Top 20 Highest-Performing Learning Providers.


You can download the LPI’s full report here.   

Imparta features as the only Sales Training provider on the list and was included due to its exceptional performance during the LPI’s accreditation process. The Top 20 were chosen using the LPI’s accreditation service: a consultative framework that focuses on “Performance through Learning”. This prioritises outcomes over delivery, homing in on the value, efficacy and business impact of learning, and aligns competencies with organisational strategy and goals.

 “Imparta is thrilled to be included in the LPI’s Top 20 learning Providers list. The LPI is an organisation with which we have worked closely with for many years,” says Richard Barkey, CEO and Founder of Imparta. “It holds suppliers to high standards around the impact of their training approaches, and this mission is very close to my own heart. Imparta has invested millions of pounds and decades of work into our sales and service methodologies, learning approaches and the Capability Building System® that tie them all together. We greatly appreciate this recognition for our company and everyone that works so tirelessly to delight our clients.”

According to the LPI, the 20 organisations listed in the eBook have a clear roadmap by which to build their capability and adapt their strategy for continual success. They demonstrate a strong customer value proposition and have a corporate culture that instils confidence throughout sales and marketing, from delivery to after-sales support. They are passionate and committed to developing their staff, their products, their market reach and their performance.

Prospective and existing customers can be assured that these 20 organisations will provide the highest quality of service and the best user experience. They are trusted business partners, always acting in the best interests of their clients and, as such, are fully endorsed by the Learning and Performance Institute.

During an accreditation assessment, the LPI evaluates organisational efficacy against the following key performance indicators (KPI’s), scoring each against a reference framework.

  • Client Integrity
  • Corporate Integrity & CSR
  • Client Value Proposition
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Learning Consultancy
  • Live Learning
  • Online Learning
  • eLearning Content
  • Self-Study Content
  • Quality Management
  • Service/Product Roadmap
  • Qualifications/Accreditations
  • People Development
  • Business Stability

The results of this are fed into a formula that applies weightings to each KPI to generate numbers representing Best Solution, Best Operational Management and Best Overall. This eBook uses the figures from Best Overall.

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