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Lotus selects Fuse to drive performance with on-the-job learning

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Fuse becomes global retailer learning system of choice for premium performance car manufacturer, Lotus.


London, UK: 25 January 2022: Learning and knowledge platform, Fuse, today announced it has been selected to provide the global retailers and retail agencies of premium performance car company, Lotus, with continual access to ‘on-the-job’ knowledge and learning.

The Lotus team was impressed with Fuse’s comprehensive search, translation, and universal analytics capabilities – key factors that will support Lotus’ goal of delivering consumer-grade learning experiences that drive performance.  

Headquartered at Hethel, Norfolk, UK, Lotus is renowned for its high-performance cars, and employs +1,500 colleagues worldwide. The company’s migration to Fuse marks another step in the wider transformation of Lotus from a UK sports car company to a global performance car business and brand.

Commenting on the new partnership with Fuse, Helen Whitehurst, Head of the Lotus Retail Academy, said: “As a team we were really impressed by the breadth of capabilities that Fuse can offer. It’s very social and collaborative, and because it also eradicates language barriers, it presents a clear solution in terms of providing our retail agencies with equitable and consistent learning experiences. We can even deliver virtual training events in multiple languages.”

Other key factors in the decision to engage Fuse included the platform’s ability to facilitate company expert knowledge-sharing – something that extends across borders given Fuse’s extensive auto-translation and auto-transcribe capabilities. In addition, the platform’s ability to support rapid onboarding, ongoing compliance, and even cost-savings through systems consolidation, were also cited as primary drivers in the selection process. 

Helen continued: “Fuse is very much value-driven because it provides learners with the exact knowledge they need, right when they need it. In that sense it really mirrors how people learn in the consumer environment by tapping into people’s natural instincts to access and apply knowledge at the point of need. That was a key requisite for us because we knew it would be essential to driving adoption.”

She concluded: “On top of that, the universal analytics within Fuse make it easy to view and report on the benefits being seen. I will be able to pull custom reports at the touch of a button and that presents significant long-term time and cost-savings.”

Luke Oubridge, CEO at Fuse, added: “It was clear from our initial conversations that Lotus has a strong commitment to learning and professional development – a statement that is evidenced by the company’s setting up of a formal Retail Academy.” 

Oubridge continued: “The automotive industry has changed massively in recent years and continues to transform rapidly. Because Fuse is designed to support instant access to knowledge at the point of need, our platform is uniquely positioned to support the L&D needs of companies that operate in these fast-evolving industries.” 

He concluded: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Lotus and enabling its people to keep pace with this continual change through access to knowledge and subject matter expertise.”

The Fuse platform will be rolled out to the global Lotus retail network in February 2022.