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Fuse merges intelligent search and predictive performance support to unlock knowledge-in-the-flow

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Learning tech provider announces acquisition and strategic partnership as it creates new category with hyper-accessible knowledge in the flow.

  • Product innovation forms part of Fuse vision to take 80% of learning content out of the course and make it available at the point of need

  • Powered by AI and data, Fuse becomes first ‘3rd gen’ learning and knowledge platform

Fuse, the learning and knowledge platform for enterprise that ignites people and business performance, today announces its acquisition of performance support platform, PowerGuides, as well as a strategic partnership with knowledge search specialists, PureInsights - key company developments linked to the roll out of an industry-first Knowledge Intelligence Engine. 

Fuse’s new release will be available to customers in Q3 2021, and features intelligent search powered by KI (Knowledge Intelligence) and performance in the flow of work - new technologies that work together to recognise the learner’s problem and guide them to the exact knowledge they need, in context and in flow.

The new Knowledge Intelligence Engine crawls and analyses internal knowledge (both tacit and explicit) in the same way that Google crawls, indexes, and categorises external content. Through its acquisition of PowerGuides, Fuse has also added predictive performance support to the new engine, extending it into the flow of work via the newly named ‘Fuse Flow’ browser plug-in and desktop app.

Commenting on the benefits to customers, Fuse Founder & President, Steve Dineen, explained: “By combining Fuse’s modern learning technology with PureInsight’s best-in-class search capabilities and PowerGuide’s predictive performance support, we’ve created a new and unique market category - one that will deliver measurable performance benefits by shrinking learning time and supporting performance at the point of need.

Dineen continued: “The Fuse Knowledge Intelligence Engine uses a variety of AI technologies  to identify and place the best and most relevant content as close to the learner as possible.

We recognise that this takes the LMS and LXP market in a very new and exciting direction and we’re delighted to be leading the charge on what we see as the future of learning - that is, taking 80% of content out of the course and making it available to learners in the flow of work so they can perform their job better than ever before”, added Dineen.

By enabling access to knowledge in the flow, Fuse’s Knowledge Intelligence Engine will also help organisations to build their learning culture by:

  • Increasing learner trust and accuracy by enabling them to quickly find the information they need (for both content in Fuse and systems connected to Fuse)
  • Enabling learners to pull exact answers to specific questions, in context and in-flow
  • Providing hyper-personalised micro and macro recommendations to help the learner reach the required outcome faster 
  • Creating hyper-accurate predictions so that the learner can quickly surface the exact knowledge they need (via Fuse Flow).  
  • Moving all of this capability out of Fuse and residing it within every application a customer uses

Graham Charlesworth, Co-Founder and Managing Director, PureInsights, added: “By integrating our search and analytics functionality into Fuse, we’ve been able to make the knowledge held within the customer’s corporate brain hyper-accessible. 

“Search within Fuse is now highly intelligent, with powerful filtering for users. The platform is able to take the learner to the specific part of the content that matches their query or problem and they can ask questions and quickly find the right answers. That makes knowledge discoverable in a way that goes much deeper than just matching content to skills and consumption.”

Commenting on Fuse’s acquisition of PowerGuides, company founder, Claus Lysholm, said: “This is the first time that predictive performance support has been integrated with modern learning tech yet we now can’t imagine learning tech that works in any other way. This technology does the legwork for the learner. It delivers consumer-like learning experiences by guiding people from a problem to the right knowledge that will help them to solve that problem in the best possible way.”

Lysholm continued: “Normally the creation of a product like this would cost millions to develop and years to get to market but by plugging into Fuse’s backend, we’ve not only fast tracked this process, we’ve also removed 95% of the build cost. Because of that, Fuse can implement quickly and customers see rapid benefits.”

Lysholm has now joined the Fuse team as Technical Manager. 

Concluding, Dineen added: “Where first-gen LMS was record-keeping centric, and next-gen was content management and course-centric, we can now say that Fuse, powered by Knowledge Intelligence, is the first ‘3rd-gen’ knowledge and learning platform.”

Fuse, now powered by Knowledge Intelligence