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Why our addiction to courses fails CEOs

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L&D has a problem: and addiction to courses. And it's keeping learning from its seat at the CEO's table. Fuse Universal CEO and Chief Storyteller Steve Dineen looks at the issue in detail.


The huge majority of courses especially online course don’t drive capability. They simply have a goal to give understanding – which is the polar opposite of what CEOs need and want. Andy Lancaster said that we have ‘an addiction to courses’ and he’s right. And it is not healthy.

Designing and measuring for capability and business impact is a whole new mindset. It’s one that needs a transformational approach, but the associated rewards are massive. And as progressive learning leaders already understand, there isn’t a choice to making the change – it’s a question of when.

In his latest article, Fuse CEO and Chief Storyteller Steve Dineen takes an unflinching look at L&D’s problem with course addiction, and the four key areas that are causing strain to the learning industry and CEOs.

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