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Using L&D to engage front line staff and increase customer satisfaction

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Join Cheryl Ogle, Service Delivery Manager at Panasonic, as she delves into how they used L&D to engage their front line staff and how that increased their customer satisfaction.


Technology doesn’t have to be cold and faceless. Despite Industry 4.0 increasing the amount of automation and AI in every workplace, companies are finding ways to increase the human element of many aspects of their business – including L&D. None more than Panasonic.

Their consumer electronics offerings need a broad range of technical skills to support them – and these skills come with their own terminology and language. 

Panasonic was interested in the modern take on e-learning and after working with their agents to find out what they wanted from a learning and engagement platform, Panasonic switched to the Fuse Integrated Learning Platform - it was a platform created by the people who used it.

This result was learning that actually stuck: they saw a 12% higher pass rate with the introduction of learning plans compared to their previous approach of using solely classroom-based training.

The customers benefited too. With easily searchable knowledge on tap, the advisors were better able to achieve resolutions the first time. The customer NPS increased by 7% within six months; and a decrease in training and recruitment costs saw a return on their investment within three months.

Panasonic’s success is achievable and repeatable, and in this webinar their Service Delivery Manager, Cheryl Ogle, will be sharing how they saw real returns from humanising their L&D.

This will be a great opportunity to find out:
• How to apply the learnings that improved Panasonic’s annual attrition by 14%
• How to support learners in multiple remote locations
• How to effectively share knowledge between branches where people are suffering from the same challenges

Technology may well be changing everything, every day; but as Panasonic discovered, the human element is more important than ever.

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