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How IHG is delivering global onboarding and professional development to 5,500 leaders

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Shane de Saram, Global Leadership Manager from IHG, talks about what was key to improving their learners’ experiences, engagement and interaction.


It’s a phrase that nobody enjoys hearing: ‘There has been a change of platform…’ And if it causes confusion and upset in a railway station, it has an even more pronounced effect in learning and development.

This was a challenge faced by multinational hospitality business IHG. Their content targeted at General Managers was scattered across multiple systems, each containing different elements of learning plans and education pieces. This was a detrimental effect on onboarding as learners were being bounced from platform to platform – the training felt siloed and isolated. 

This meant that they weren’t tapping into the inherent knowledge of the 5,500 General Manager experts in their global operation. After much investigation and research, IHG realised that introducing social elements would be key to improving learners’ experiences, engagement and interaction – which is when they turned to Fuse’s Integrated Learning Platform. 

Fast-forward to now. With Fuse’s help, IHG are now reaching the point where the learners are starting to complete these learning plans, with their experts in the field creating their own videos and articles to share with their peers. 

Shane de Saram, Global Leadership Manager at IHG will be sharing the details of this journey and talking about IHG’s plans for the future in this webinar.

Participants will take away:

  • How IHG moved beyond system sprawl to an Integrated Learning Platform for General Managers
  • Approaches to unifying the knowledge and best practices in a global operation
  • How today’s and tomorrow’s leaders can learn – and develop - together

For businesses looking to make a real difference from learning, this is a valuable opportunity to learn from an industry giant who’s already done it – and is continuing to do so; proving that sometimes a change of platform can be a welcome announcement indeed.

The webinar takes place on 31 March at 3:30 PM GMT, 10:30 AM ET. Registration is available via the webinar webpage: How IHG is delivering global onborading and professional development to 5,500 learners