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How do you choose the right learning system?

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James and Katie, Directors of The Learning Effect, will explain in an upcoming webinar how to navigate the L&D market and choose the best learning system for a business.


There’s little doubt that a robust, versatile and future-proof learning system can be key to a business’s success – or failure. Forward-looking companies are realising that with the very nature of work rapidly changing, a forward-looking L&D strategy is a key differentiator.

But choosing and implementing the right system is a major challenge, different for every business. Some might be entirely new to the world of learning systems, whilst others may be looking to upgrade or consolidate their existing systems into one.

It’s complicated by multiple market offerings, cost, compliance and data protection. How will the system engage with the learners? Will it integrate with the existing infrastructure? And how will learning align with a company’s purpose – and vision?

It’s a landscape that The Learning Effect has thoroughly navigated – and mapped. Directors Katie Godden and James Poletyllo will be exploring the world of learning systems, to help people make the right choice for their business.

In this crucial webinar, they’ll discuss:

  • The various types of learning system on the market
  • The evolution of learning – and the changes in thinking around it
  • How to define your vision, and knowing what you want
  • The common mistakes that MUST be avoided
  • How to get engagement from stakeholders – and learners

Choosing a new learning system doesn’t have to be daunting and this essential (and free) webinar could save a lot of time, money and pain.

The webinar takes place on 21 April at 3pm (BST) / 10am (ET). Registration is available via the event website: How do you choose the right learning system?