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FuseSchool - bite-size GCSE content to help support remote learners

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Fuse Universal funds its charity Fuse School. It has an ambitious mission: to bring free education to children all over the world. Fuse Universal is offering it as a resource to all.


This isn’t just a goal – FuseSchool is a reality, available right now to everyone.

In this uncertain world, Fuse Universal is offering it as a resource to all. As schools close, it's important to make remote learning a reality in the coming weeks and months. 

All the resources and materials are completely free, and cover biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics – the entire UK GCSE curriculum. It's been produced by teachers and broken down into engaging, easily-digestible bitesized content (similar to BBC Bitesize).

FuseSchool's content has been well received across the globe and currently has 46.8 million views and 309k subscribers on its YouTube Channel.

Here's a short video to show people how to access FuseSchool.


There is also a PDF document which includes the instructions and a few answers to FAQs - available to download and forward on to colleagues and friends.