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Webinar: Making your mind up: how do ideas spread in L&D?

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Join Don Taylor, Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute, as he discusses what makes an idea take off in the field of L&D.


Some ideas and concepts go the distance; others don’t. The 2009/10 boom in virtual worlds turned out to be a whimper, whilst mobile delivery – a hot topic in 2014/15 – is now just business as usual for many L&D departments.

So what makes an idea take off in the field of Learning and Development?

In this webinar, Donald H Taylor explores our decision making as ideas become popular. Only a few ideas move from a small group of fans to wider acceptance. Why do these succeed when others fail? Is it down to their innate value, smart marketing, or a combination of things?

Drawing on wider research into persuasion, past trends in L&D, marketing and fashion, this webinar will enable participants to make decisions that are more likely to make a positive impact on their learning strategy.

The takeaways for this webinar will include:

  • Two groups of L&D professionals, and how they differ
  • Three reasons why we back new ideas
  • The subtle influences that can shift our opinion
  • How to make better decisions about new trends in L&D

For learning leaders looking to unpick the social, environmental and psychological factors that impact decision making in the world of L&D, this webinar is essential viewing.

Registration is available via the webinar webpage: Making your mind up - how do ideas spread in L&D?