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Webinar: Lessons Learned to Help Pave the Way to a Great Rollout

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Topher Olsen, Senior Director of L&D from Alliance Residential is to deliver a webinar on 7th August on lessons learned and how Alliance Residential plans to continue increasing engagement and excitement around its new learning platform.


There are many reasons why organisations fail to pull the trigger on making a change as big moving from a traditional LMS to a Modern Learning Technology like Fuse. However, the ‘fear of the rollout’ is perhaps the one that cripples growth the most. Many of us like the idea of change, and we agree it is something that we should do, but the thoughts of, ‘how are we going to do this with this team’ and ‘do we have the resources to pull it off’ keep us on the launch pad never soaring into a brave, new world.

The rollout is a challenge, and if anyone tells you that a major software implementation was easy, they’d be lying. At Alliance, we not only rolled out a new software solution, but we, as many of Fuse’s clients, radically shifted the way we think about learning and communications. We wanted to move from the typical ‘front loaded’, long and arduous onboarding to a nimbler model of ongoing learning. We did our best to communicate these changes prior to launch, but much of it came down to the rollout.

Our journey has had its ups and downs, but in this webinar we want to share with you our Launch Strategy which includes how we planned for launch, the idea of creating a staggered approach to allowing different audiences into the system, and understanding the role these audiences would play once in. We didn’t get it all right, but we did learn a lot along the way, that we’d love others to benefit from as they embark on this journey.

Join us as we share our lessons learned and how we plan to continue increasing engagement and excitement around the platform.

Register for this webinar on 7 August 4pm (BST) / 11am (ET) / 8am (PT).: Webinar registration.