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Webinar: How Colt created content with impact

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Pin Patel, Learning Experience Consultant at Colt, talks about how Colt used content effectively within its Sales Enablement and Customer Communications programs.


Content is king. It’s an old adage, and it’s one that’s never been truer. But in a world where we’re bombarded with everything from tweets to videos to AR, creating content that’s memorable, relevant and effective is an ongoing challenge.

For sales enablement teams, the challenge is compounded by the need to deliver proven ROI. But how do you create an efficient end-to-end production process and plan and create engaging content that delivers the goods?

Multinational telecommunications company Colt recognised the vital importance of quality content and communications for their sales team and worked with Fuse Universal to revolutionise their content strategy.

In this webinar Pin Patel, Learning Experience Consultant at Colt, talks about their content journey with Fuse. You’ll learn how they tapped the knowledge of their own experts within the business to create content that’s truly engaging and effective, and how they evolved their customer communications programme with video content and real-life phone calls.

The webinar is essential for those planning to build a content strategy – or already starting to do so.

Registration is available on the event page.