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Webinar: High impact, high performance - Shifting learning into the flow of work

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Join Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning at CIPD, as he discusses the importance of learning being delivered in the flow of work.


Whether it’s chocolate Hobnobs, dissecting last night’s episode of Fleabag or the office Fantasy Football league, we all have our workplace addictions. But there’s another monkey on our collective backs that seldom gets discussed, and that’s courses.

There’s a belief in many organisations that learning just doesn’t happen unless it’s delivered via a formal course – which just isn’t the case. And as businesses’ ecosystems get ever more complex it’s becoming increasingly clear that it isn’t sufficient – or sustainable to just offer courses. But what’s the solution?

The fact is that learning takes place every day in every part of an organisation. People have been learning in the flow of work since primitive times and whilst today’s skills are more likely to be focussed on driving performance upwards than how to bring down a gnu, social and digital collaborative learning offers more flexibility to learners and breaks down barriers to learning – and delivers a stronger knowledge transfer when those new skills are put to immediate use.

Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning at CIPD knows a thing or two about this, and in his new book ‘Driving Performance Through Learning’, explores how learning in the flow of work can have a real impact to business results.

And because he’s a generous soul, he’s sharing his insights for free in Fuse Universal's next webinar, High Impact, High Performance – Shifting Learning into the Flow of Work. Join in to learn:

  • How collaboration is integral to learning – and how to make it happen
  • How businesses can work backwards from their goals and use them to create the learning strategy
  • What part learning can play in a business’s ecosystem
  • How to break free from course addiction

With Andy’s book hitting the shelves, this is a great opportunity to get an advance look at his game-changing ideas and strategies (and you never know, there might even be a discount on the book for attendees…)

Registration is available via the Fuse website: High impact, high performance: Shifting learning into the flow of work

Thursday 21st November at 3pm (BST) / 10am (ET)