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Twenty-twenty mission: Making the shift from learning value to business value

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Join Laura Overton, Learning Industry Analyst, as she discusses how businesses can make the shift from learning value to business value.


Don’t panic. 2020 is fast approaching, and you’re under increasing pressure to modernise your L&D strategy. But a hasty rip-and-replace approach isn’t the way to go.

We all know that gaining credibility with the business and stakeholders is difficult. Even the most forward-looking learning leaders can find it hard to shake off the perception of their role being just ‘course creators’. And with learning budgets often being the first to get cut, it can feel like you’re fighting a constant battle.

However, it’s important to recognise that change doesn’t stick when it’s driven by urgency. We need to make behavioural changes to get ready for the ‘20s; but even with the clock ticking, there’s still time for a measured transition.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, though – the framework that enable some companies to flourish won’t deliver the goods for another. So, what does this mean for you – how can you shift your business’s thinking?

Fuse Universal have teamed up with learning industry analyst and thought leader Laura Overton for a webinar that will give you tools and knowledge that you need to capture the flag.

In this interactive webinar attendees will learn:

  • Practical tips getting you ready to take advantage of the year ahead
  • How to raise credibility of the learning team within your organisation
  • The language of business and how to talk it
  • How to get buy-in from stakeholders and the whole business

With the 2020s poised to be the decade that learning leaders become business leaders, this particular piece of learning could be the most valuable hour you’ll spend this year.

Registration is available via the Fuse website: Twenty-twenty mission: Making the shift from learning value to business value

Tuesday 12th November at 3pm (BST) / 10am (ET)