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Fuse Universal Brings Next-Level L&D to the USA

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From London to Cape Town to Sydney, Fuse Universal has been changing the face of Learning & Development. With a number of marquee US clients already signed up, Fuse is now set to open its first US office in Boston.

Fuse Universal's new office in Boston Seaport
Fuse Universal's new office in Boston Seaport 

With an origin story that began at London’s Silicon Roundabout, it was only natural that Fuse’s first US office would open in Boston’s equivalent, the Seaport District. Boston has housed and nurtured some industry giants, including Facebook, Dropbox and TripAdvisor - and Fuse’s USA client list is equally impressive, including industry giants like Hilti and Merck.

Fuse delivers business value in a changing world

Today, firms expect a return on their investment in L&D, and they’re not getting it from traditional course-centric learning strategies. Around 70% of a traditional course accounts to almost no value whatsoever – it’s clear that a different approach is needed in order for L&D to keep up with the speed of business.

“We are excited about the speed at which L&D is changing from a course-centric view to one where a wide range of tools and techniques are woven together to solve a range of different business problems,” says Fuse founder and chief storyteller Steve Dineen. “Fuse’s expansion into North America will open up huge opportunities for companies who see learning as a strategic tool that drives business value.

“Everybody has to fight for their share of budgets, but companies are still spending millions annually on courses that deliver no business value at all. By making measurable business results the goal, Fuse’s mobile-first, integrated learning platform is the only solution that’s delivering proven value.”

Right move. Right place. Right now.

Fuse’s 150+ global clients already benefit from the support of offices in London, Cape Town and Sydney – a US office was the next logical step.

“Establishing a physical presence in North America will help us spearhead significant growth in the region and, combined with our existing offices, it’ll mean that we can enhance the local service and support that we provide, across the world and across time zones.”

Steve continues: “This move will help us grow the Fuse Tribe both internationally and within North America itself. We’re looking forward to sharing our continued success with our customers.”