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How Hilti Turned off its LMS to Increase Engagement & Performance

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Global manufacturing giant, Hilti, publishes their transformational journey into Next-Generation Learning and how it's delivering a return in business value.

Rachel Hutchinson, Head of Global Portfolio and Community Management
Rachel Hutchinson, Head of Global Portfolio and Community Management 

In 2016, Hilti recognised an opportunity to future-proof its talent strategy, by integrating new learning technologies that would meet and exceed the rapidly evolving needs of an expanding and diverse workforce of over 30,000 colleagues. Without such technologies, Hilti stood to lose not only the engagement of its colleagues but also suffer financially through traditional onboarding processes.

Now, through their multi-year partnership with next-gen learning provider Fuse Universal (Fuse), the L&D team at Hilti have been re-engineering the way their entire global workforce receives learning - and doing so at quite the pace. Their implementation of Fuse was delivered in just six weeks and now boasts over 100,000 annual colleague engagements across 120 countries

Along with high levels of engagement, Hilti has now begun seeing how the implementation of a next-gen learning solution can generate a return on business value, specifically around their new starter programme the L&D team have highlighted:

1. 82% learning engagement with 50,000 platform views per day
2. 80% of sales targets achieved in 3 months (from 27% in 6 months)
3. 15% increase in sales conversion

Head of Global Portfolio and Community Management at Hilti, Rachel Hutchinson, describes some of the changes that were made: “So one of the things that we found from our strategic work was that we absolutely had to put measurements in place. We can't simply say that we're going to put learning out there and then never check to see if it's actually changing the performance of the organisation. We do learning for the sake of achieving our targets, and we develop our people specifically for that purpose. Having the data analytics available actually benefits a lot of people in the organisation - it helps us with the management teams because we can actually show clear business results which means no one argues when we need to do more in the L&D field. And that's unusual as most companies that I talk to they say everyone's arguing with them - we do not get pushback for L&D initiatives because we can use the data to show that we're making business results.”


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The full journey into next-generation learning, as told by Rachel, is now available to view directly here. Their transformational journey has been recognised for the forthcoming Learning Technologies awards on 21st November. Learning leaders that wish to know more should contact the Fuse team here.