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Hilti and Fuse Universal Scoop 2 Learning Technology Awards

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Global leader in manufacturing Hilti, scoops two Learning Technologies Awards through their continued success with next-gen learning solutions provider, Fuse Universal (Fuse).

Hilti, delivering learning experiences to it's 27,000 employees
Hilti, delivering learning experiences to it's 27,000 employees 

Last week the teams collected two silver awards in the categories of “Best Use of Social and Collaborative Learning Technologies” and “Best International Learning Platform Implementation” at the Learning Technologies Awards Gala in London.

Within the "Social and Collaborative Learning Technologies" category, Hilti portrayed how Fuse has supported the enablement of a learning culture that has created a business change. The judges liked this project’s focus on people productivity and how it is creating a massive motivational impact as it delivers on its goal of making new members of the team productive much earlier. Driven by attention to detail and recording detailed metrics of success the statistics were remarkable - achieving a 95% success rate in making new salespeople hit their targets within six months of joining.

In the category for "International Learning Platform Implementation", Hilti showcased how Fuse has helped deliver learning experiences across a multilingual, remote workforce. The judges stated:

“The change in learning culture really made this a stand-out winner. The company has moved from a permission-based approach to learning, with an endemic fear of failure, to one in which experts from 52 countries have uploaded 11,000 pieces of content.”

In addition, the judges were also impressed by results that demonstrated outstanding engagement (83%); faster time-to-performance; radical shifts in mindsets; and learners who are teachers able to benefit from and share ‘tacit’ knowledge (in 34 languages) when, how and where they need it. 

Eivind Slaaen, Head of People and Culture, Hilti said: “It’s rewarding as well as inspirational to be recognised for the efforts we are making to turn learning into performance on the job and how the judges’ statements recognise that our focus on a small backpack, delivered when and how the team member needs it, is paying off with measurable results."

Fuse Universal Founder, Steve Dineen, and CEO added, “I’m absolutely delighted for Rachel and the team at Hilti for what they’ve achieved in the past couple of years. They are not only delivering high levels of engagement from using Fuse but also correlating this with hard business metrics to show a real return on investment. To have the team formally recognised for this feat is a hugely proud moment - well done to all involved.”

Hilti’s success story in full is available to watch. Learning Professionals that are looking to understand more about Fuse and how they are supporting customers like Hilti are recommended to contact the team.

About Hilti

Hilti designs and manufactures leading-edge technology, software and services, which power the professional construction industry. Hilti is global, based in over 120 countries with more than 27,000 employees. Every day their technologies support awe-inspiring feats of engineering around the world – from the famous bullet train in Japan to tunnels deep under some of the largest cities on earth. Hilti offers a 360-degree service for your build – from design software, products and tools onsite to training, repairs, testing and consultancy.