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Fuse Universal unveils 12 Tips to Transform Content Strategy

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Next-Gen learning solutions experts, Fuse Universal, lift the lid on how to create the most engaging corporate learning content.

Ryan McBride, Head of Digital Content at Fuse Universal
Ryan McBride, Head of Digital Content at Fuse Universal 

Presenting via a webinar on 13th June, Head of Digital Content at Fuse Universal, Ryan McBride, partners with Fuse CEO, Steve Dineen, to discuss the 12 Tips to Transform Your Content Strategy. Here they will unveil the essential practices, techniques and strategies required to make your content relevant within your organisation.

Dineen stated, “After over five years of crafting and refining the capturing process we wanted to share what we have learned from Ryan and his team of videographers. In true Fuse fashion, we have bottled it down to 12 specific techniques that we believe are fundamental to building engaging content that drives employees back to the platform.”

Ryan adds, “I’m a big advocate of the way that we capture content via a journalist approach. This way we bring out the passion and the authenticity of a subject matter expert that will produce content that resonates so much better with your audience. I'm looking forward to sharing best practices from my years of client interactions, where we firmly believe that the content produced is leading to a far more engaged audience" 

Teaser - what to expect from the webinar on 13th June

More about 'Transforming Your Content Strategy', is available via the upcoming free webinar with Steve Dineen and Ryan McBride on 13th June 2018 at 4:00 PM (BST). Registration is available via Fuse Universal website: Transforming Your Content Strategy

Webinar timings:

  • San Francisco 08:00
  • New York  11:00
  • London 16:00 BST
  • Madrid 17:00
  • Cape Town 17:00
  • Tokyo 00:00 (14th June)
  • Sydney 01:00 (14th June)