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Fuse CEO unveils why creating a learning organisation is a competitive differentiator

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Steve Dineen explains: "Right now almost every industry is feeling the impact of digital disruption - be it news and advertising impacted by Facebook, Tesla the automotive industry or Amazon on retail - the reality is that the things that built great companies for the past 100 years will not be enough to make them great in the next 100".


Fuse Universal, a transformer of learning in business, with expertise in learning platforms, learning content and skill set transformation, has published 7 insightful ideas on the importance of creating a learning organisation. 

Attracting and supporting continuous learning is not only the foundation for survival, but it may also be the key ingredient for an organisation to outperform its competition.

"We see our customers correlate meaningful business performance data with learner engagement as the norm. To do this, they take all learning activity data and slice it into four quadrants ranging from the most engaged colleagues - interacting with content more than once a day, through to the least engaged at once per month."

Data gathered from the likes of Vodafone, Rentokil and Harris + Hoole shows that colleagues within the top two quadrants are performing at least 10% better on core business KPIs than those in the bottom two. During times of onboarding (colleague induction) these gains are often 300-400% different and an indicator of whose is most likely to really succeed.

Fuse Universal has today published the latest in their series of insights to help L&D to identify and learn some relatively simple steps that can be taken to prepare organisations to accept and adopt new learning technology: 7 Reasons why you need to create a learning organisation as a competitive differentiator. The author, Fuse CEO, Steve Dineen, is available for interview and encourages L&D leaders eager to adopt new learning technologies and methods to engage with him further, via email to [email protected]