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Steve Dineen to talk at TEDx Square Mile about the future of education through FuseSchool

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FuseSchool is delighted to announce that Steve Dineen is to speak about the origin, success, and future of FuseSchool at TEDx on 18th March 2017. The TEDx Square Mile Event in London is centered around The School of Tomorrow with 11 keynote speakers from across the education and learning industry.

Who we are and what we do at FuseSchool

LONDON, UK (Mar 13, 2017)

FuseSchool is delighted to announce that Steve Dineen is to speak about the origin, success, and future of FuseSchool at TEDx on 18th March 2017. The TEDx Square Mile Event in London is centered around The School of Tomorrow with 11 keynote speakers from across the education and learning industry.


Steve Dineen, CEO at FuseSchool commented, "Education is a vital human right. It reduces poverty and increases a person’s chances of having a healthy life. Education can promote gender equality, reduce child marriage and combat disease. At FuseSchool our ambition is really simple: to ensure that every child from across the world has access to a top-quality education. We are really excited to showcase our story at TEDx and look forward to talking through our plans for the future of FuseSchool."


Steve will take you through the origins of how FuseSchool came to fruition; explaining the challenges he faced in bringing the Victorian education system into the modern day. Steve's passion for making an impact on the education industry is second to none and he is a strong believer in ensuring that the world of education keeps up to speed with modern day technologies. He will discuss the solutions he pioneered in creating engaging, bite-sized, video-centric learning material at a fraction of the time and price of traditional methods. His thinking and success of FuseSchool have now become the foundation of the Fuse Universal brand and concepts.


Don't miss Steve's TEDx talk on Saturday 18th March discussing how to democratise education so that everyone, everywhere has access to the highest quality education. Steve will share all of the lessons he has learned with FuseSchool, so that you can replicate the method and share your knowledge. Let's get the world connected, and ensure everyone has equal access to a top quality education simply by using technology to support learning.


About TEDx Square Mile Event

Today technology gives us unprecedented access to people and knowledge. This interconnectivity makes many more things possible, but also means the world is fluid and harder to predict.When learning no longer stops at school or university, and life changes faster than you can spell curriculum, the burning question on our minds is “what is the future of education and learning?”

We have other questions too:

  • Does delivering content mean people are learning?
  • Is education about learning about things or learning about you?
  • How can education help us build better societies?
  • Is technology making us smarter or just more stressed?
  • What do we need to learn to be prepared for the world of work?
  • Will our speakers answer any of these questions, or bring their own?

We are excited to announce that TEDxSquareMile returns on 18 March 2017 in the City of London.

Tickets are available here.


About FuseSchool

FuseSchool is a global open education charity brought to life and funded by market leading next-generation learning platform, Fuse Universal. Their mission is simple: to provide a source of top-quality education to every child across the globe.

Thier team of specialist teachers, videographers co-create a free content library of secondary education videos for students and teachers alike. At present team have documented material from The Sciences, Mathematics, English Foreign Language and ICT. All content is free to the world as Open Educational Resources under a Creative Commons License.


About Steve Dineen

Steve's goal as CEO of Fuse, is to help transform its customers into learning organisations through technology which its learners choose to use every day. Customers of Fuse have achieved unparalleled levels of learning engagement which has been translated into business value. Fuse currently lead the market in the area of next generation learning technology and is the only viable end to end alternative to an LMS.