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Fuse Universal to offer professional consultations at World of Learning Event

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Next-generation learning solutions provider Fuse Universal today release plans to offer a professional consultation service at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition in Birmingham, UK, on 17-18 October.

Founder and CEO of Fuse Universal, Steve Dineen
Founder and CEO of Fuse Universal, Steve Dineen 

Fuse learning experts will provide consultation on some of the most relevant topics in L&D including:

  • How to bottle greatness of organisations' knowledge in a simple, agile and game-changing nature
  • The move from courses to learning experiences
  • Develop new roles and skills to create the L&D teams of the future
  • Correlate learning analytics with business data to prove the value that L&D can bring to an organisation

There will also be opportunities to speak about their full suite of learning and content services, including blended, mobile and social learning solutions.

CEO and Founder of Fuse Universal Steve Dineen stated “Following a successful conference in 2016 we are super excited about returning to WOLCE again this year. Alongside our presentation on How and Why Learning Experiences will replace the course, we are delighted to offer free consultations with our team of learning experts. I encourage all forward-thinking learning professionals to book their time with us. I look forward to seeing many of you at the event."

Fuse Universal encourages L&D leaders eager to adopt new learning technologies and methods to register their interest through their site.