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Fuse Universal tackles resistance to learning innovation across global businesses

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Fuse Universal, a business learning transformer, is helping L&D leaders to overcome resistance to innovation in learning; points to how to more effectively work with stakeholders and how to communicate and label the innovation.


Fuse Universal, a transformer of learning in business, with expertise in learning platforms, learning content and skill set transformation, has published insights into how L&D leaders can prepare their organisations to accept and adopt new learning technology.

Fuse CEO, Steve Dineen, explains: "The pace of innovation in learning technology is happening at the fastest rate in history, giving birth to new concepts such as AI enabled micro-learning and giving a turbo charge to others like the design of holistic learning experiences and 702010. We are at the beginning of the golden age of learning, development and performance."

"It is far easier for certain types of organisations to cross the bridge into the world of modern learning, whereas for others it feels like they must go through the 12 trials of Hercules just to pilot one new concept. Learning innovation is far harder to introduce into 100,000+ people organisations than it is for smaller agile businesses, despite the larger budgets available to the former."

Dineen points to the distance between L&D and key stakeholders and how supportive (or unsupportive) the IT function is. His company, Fuse Universal, works with organisations to help L&D to overcome these barriers and deliver the transformation in learning that businesses, of all sizes, require so that they keep pace with new concepts such as AI in learning.

Steve Dineen: "I do see hope and I have seen large organisations break the trend. Not only is learning innovation becoming the norm in agile companies with great learning leaders like Rachel Hutchinson at Hilti, but also really forward thinking CIO's like David Ivell at the Prince's Trust who are extending the 50,000 16 to 24 years olds they help every year through using online mentoring and coaching across the world."

Fuse Universal has today published a series of insights to help L&D to identify and learn some relatively simple steps that can be taken to prepare organisations to accept and adopt new learning technology: Bringing Learning Innovation Into Your Company. The author, Fuse CEO, Steve Dineen, is available for interview and encourages L&D leaders eager to adopt new learning technologies and methods to engage with him further, via email to [email protected].

Learning professionals can hear more from Steve and the Fuse Universal team at Fuse's next Networking Soiree event on 15th June in London. Here Fuse will unveil the "Secret of Transforming your Company into a Learning Organisation", where there will be an opportunity to network with both clients and industry peers from across a multitude of organisations. Registration details are available on the Networking Soiree event page.