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Fuse Universal highlights the critical importance of Microlearning in L&D strategies

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Fuse Universal CEO, Steve Dineen, highlights the critical importance Microlearning plays in learning and performance strategies

Steve Dineen, CEO at Fuse Universal
Steve Dineen, CEO at Fuse Universal 

Fuse Universal, a transformer of learning in business, with expertise in learning platforms, learning content and skill set transformation, has published insights into how L&D leaders can adopt and embrace Microlearning as part of their learning and performance strategy.

Fuse CEO, Steve Dineen, explains: "Over the years a lot has been said about microlearning; for some, it is the silver bullet and the utopian answer to all our challenges. Others have claimed that it is irrelevant, and is as bad as the 60-minute click through “next” eLearning content that has tarnished our industry. So, what is the truth? The truth is that it is neither. But before we discover what it means for our industry, we first need to define what microlearning is and what it isn't."

Dineen takes inspiration from the secondary education system and how FuseSchool has adopted microlearning as it's most relevant learning style for children. His company, Fuse Universal, works with organisations to help L&D departments overcome the technical and behavioural barriers by adopting concepts like microlearning. 

Steve Dineen: "If you put a 70-page document on Facebook or Scorm eLearning course on YouTube, it doesn't matter how amazing your technology is; it will still fail, the same is true of learning and communication. In order to ensure that organisations keep up with the future of L&D, we need to embrace the research, by transitioning towards a more consumer-grade experience and guarantee micro learning as part of the strategy that evolves the way people learn naturally."

Fuse Universal has today published the latest in their series of insights to help L&D to identify and learn some relatively simple steps that can be taken to prepare organisations to accept and adopt new learning technology: Why Microlearning needs to be the Core Component of your Learning and Performance StrategyThe author, Fuse CEO, Steve Dineen, is available for interview and encourages L&D leaders eager to adopt new learning technologies and methods to engage with him further, via email to [email protected]

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