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Steve Dineen, Fuse Universal CEO, to speak at World of Learning Conference

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Fuse Universal is pleased to announce Steve Dineen, one of the founders of the UK e-learning industry, will be sharing some great insights on “Will micro-learning save e-learning?” on October 19th at 12:30 in conference room 2 in NEC Birmingham.


Steve will share his recent experiences from helping to implement micro-learning strategies and technologies with some of most exciting technology-advanced brands in the world such as Spotify and Vodafone, right the way through to central and local government. The talk will really focus in on how micro-learning can lead to off the scale learning engagement and in turn can be correlated back to organisational and individual performance.

Steve has decades of experience working in partnership with many of the biggest brands and organisations in the world. Steve's main goal is to push the boundaries of learning technology to integrate with a “face-to-face” delivery resulting in the highest level of engagement by increasing people performance and individual opportunity.

Prior to founding Fuse Universal, Steve founded one of the UK’s first e-learning companies - Fuel, Europe’s 2nd largest e-learning company. Steve then realised that whilst organisations were buying into the Fuel product and services, the employees who were supposed to be learning from it were accessing the learning once (and only if they were required to), but never engaging further. This experience gave Steve an understanding of the failings of traditional LMSs and SCORM based learning, and the potential for bite-size video and micro-learning in general  as the building blocks of the Fuse ideology and technology.

Steve's interactive session will dive into 30 minutes on how to make the L&D department a crucial part of all transformation conversations within an organisation.

The session will provide 3 key takeaways:

  • How to face the biggest challenges around making L&D the heart of the business.
  • How major brands measured an increased business performance in relation to their growing employee engagement.
  • The new skill set that L&D professionals need to adopt so digital becomes fully integrated into L&D.

More information is available from the Fuse Universal team at stand #E60 in NEC Birmingham on the 19-20th and in the meantime, online: our clients' success using Fuse.