Press releases from EssentialSkillz in 2017

EssentialSkillz release new GDPR eLearning course

EssentialSkillz | 07 Aug 2017

EssentialSkillz, a global leader in online safety training and compliance software, has launched a new eLearning course on a topic all organisations in the EU need to ensure they are up to speed on this year – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

EssentialSkillz Releases Whistleblowing eLearning course

EssentialSkillz | 05 Jun 2017

EssentialSkillz has launched a Whistleblowing eLearning course targeted at organisations looking to ensure that they have a comprehensive policy covering whistleblowing. The course educates employees on when whistleblowing is appropriate and what protections are in place.

EssentialSkillz launch CourseLink - editable eLearning content, without the uploads

EssentialSkillz | 18 May 2017

Global eLearning supplier, EssentialSkillz, have launched a new product that enables any client to deploy and update fully editable off the shelf training from the EssentialSkillz training library in their own LMS, without the need to re-upload course files after editing.

EssentialSkillz adds Anti Money Laundering eLearning to its Business Protection Pack for 2017

EssentialSkillz | 10 Apr 2017

Money Laundering is a serious worldwide issue with an estimated 2 trillion dollars involved. The UK’s 2007 Money laundering Regulations mean that a wide range of organisations are affected. To help businesses, meet their anti-money laundering obligations, EssentialSkillz has added an eLearning training course to its Business Protection pack for 2017.

EssentialSkillz launch new ecommerce platform at the NEC Health & Safety Event

EssentialSkillz | 28 Feb 2017

EssentialSkillz, an industry leader providing high quality health and safety eLearning, is once again attending the NEC Health and Safety Event.

EssentialSkillz feature at Learning Technologies 2017, Europe’s premier showcase for organisational learning and technology

EssentialSkillz | 20 Jan 2017

The Learning Technologies 2017 exhibition will see global eLearning provider, EssentialSkillz, contribute a range of proven solutions that educate, protect and support employees and organisations.