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EssentialSkillz adds Anti Money Laundering eLearning to its Business Protection Pack for 2017

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Money Laundering is a serious worldwide issue with an estimated 2 trillion dollars involved. The UK’s 2007 Money laundering Regulations mean that a wide range of organisations are affected. To help businesses, meet their anti-money laundering obligations, EssentialSkillz has added an eLearning training course to its Business Protection pack for 2017.

Money Laundering eLearning Course from EssentialSkillz
Money Laundering eLearning Course from EssentialSkillz 

The EssentialSkillz Money Laundering eLearning course describes the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and explains the significance of the Proceeds of Crime Act (PCA). Users will learn that it is an offence to benefit from a criminal activity.  This includes, money stolen or obtained by fraudulent means. Additionally, it is illegal to transfer or remove the proceeds of crime.

Julian Roberts CEO of EssentialSkillz stated,

”The authorities are cracking down on Money Laundering and looking to maximise funds for the exchequer through the Proceeds of Organised Crime Act.  It’s really important that employees especially those in elevated risk sectors where cash is still king are trained to look out for the tell-tale signs of Money Laundering and know what to do when they spot them.”

Completion of this course will enable delegates to identify the possible signs of Money Laundering.  Areas such as business type, suspicious behaviour, payment patterns and geographical location are discussed.

It is important for employees to know what to do if they suspect criminal activity is present in their organisation.  The importance of the National Crime Agency (NCA) is explained, the significance of risk assessments and need for a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO).

This EssentialSkillz Money Laundering eLearning course highlights the various stages of Money Laundering, (placement, layering, integration and payment methods) and discusses how to ensure your business is dealing with a legitimate organisation or individual.  The four stages of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) are explained and what to do if you need to report suspicious activity.  

Businesses which require additional laws and supervision by Supervisory Authorities (SA) are also covered in this course. For example, the legal sector which requires the Law Society as its supervisory body to support in the improvement of processes and procedures.

The Business Protection Pack is a collection of 14 SCORM Compliant eLearning Courses which can be deployed through an organisations existing Learning Management System or via the O-LAS LMS from EssentialSkillz.

Larger organisations with enterprise wide requirements should call 01908 904400. A free trial is available: trial request from EssentialSkillz

Smaller SME businesses that need to train fewer than 100 people can get instant access to all the courses in the pack via the EssentialSkillz PAYG eLearning shop: