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EssentialSkillz launch CourseLink - editable eLearning content, without the uploads

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Global eLearning supplier, EssentialSkillz, have launched a new product that enables any client to deploy and update fully editable off the shelf training from the EssentialSkillz training library in their own LMS, without the need to re-upload course files after editing.


EssentialSkillz say CourseLink will enable a client that already has a central Learning Management System to launch the courses through their LMS, but with the added benefit of being able to edit and re-publish the courses on demand.

Clients are only required to upload the course files to their LMS once. The company then provides the client with access to their eLearning Authoring tool, O-LAS Author, to edit the courses. Once the client republishes the course in O-LAS Author, the changes are reflected in the course hosted on their LMS, automatically.

"The benefits to clients using off the shelf content with CourseLink and O-LAS Author are significant", commented Julian Roberts, CEO of EssentialSkillz. "We have over 40 courses covering Health & Safety and Business Protection that can now all be edited and re-edited with complete version tracking. The changes are reflected in the clients LMS without the need to re-upload any files, everything is controlled through CourseLink. They can even create their own courses and update them using the same tool!"

"This new tool will resolve the issue of having to compromise by taking off the shelf content that isn't relevant to your workforce. Now you can edit the content and re-publish into your LMS on demand. It also takes away the headache of having to export, upload and test courses in your LMS - this could be a game changer for many companies", he added.

More information on O-LAS Author and CourseLink can be found on their website at or by calling 01908 904 400