News stories from DOCEBO in 2015

Docebo and Brandon Hall explain how to measure Informal Learning’s ROI

DOCEBO | 25 Nov 2015

Informal rather than formal learning helps people do their jobs, yet most organizations still focus their learning efforts on the classroom and the course.

Docebo takes on social and informal eLearning with private beta launch

DOCEBO | 11 Nov 2015

Docebo today unveiled two new modules that, alongside the familiar LMS, capture and structure informal and social learning.

Docebo introduces social and informal learning modules at Dubai event

DOCEBO | 06 Nov 2015

Docebo, producer of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise learning management system (LMS), is unveiling two major new modules that work alongside its product to create an ecosystem.

Docebo named as Best of Elearning! Awards finalist

DOCEBO | 03 Nov 2015

Learning executives and professionals from around the world have nominated Docebo as a finalist in the 2015 Best of Elearning! Awards.

Independent market analyst praises Docebo for innovation and new ideas

DOCEBO | 27 Oct 2015

Docebo, a provider of cloud-based learning solutions for today’s users, has been publicly praised for its product’s “innovation and new ideas”.

New data shows organizations prefer learning technology that matches how people interact informally

DOCEBO | 22 Oct 2015

A joint whitepaper from Docebo and Aberdeen Group highlights the future of learning.

Docebo expands operations in Asia Pacific region via partnership with Bloom Training and Recruitment

DOCEBO | 06 Oct 2015

The New Zealand-based training and recruitment specialist, Bloom Training and Recruitment, is partnering with Docebo, producers of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise learning management system (LMS).

Docebo helps FreshBooks’ business continue its spectacular growth

DOCEBO | 22 Sep 2015

The Docebo Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise learning management system (LMS) is playing a key part in helping the cloud-based accounting software producer, FreshBooks, to keep its business growing.

Aberdeen Group joins Docebo to explore the changing face of corporate learning

DOCEBO | 17 Sep 2015

Docebo, producer of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise learning management system (LMS), is joining forces with the globally-known business research organization, Aberdeen Group, to reveal the changing face of corporate learning.

Docebo integrates its learning management system with Salesforce Cloud CRM

DOCEBO | 08 Sep 2015

Docebo is making it easier for organizations to manage their CRM and LMS shared data efficiently.

Docebo wins a place on this year’s Top 20 Learning Portal List from

DOCEBO | 18 Aug 2015

The Docebo learning management system helps to combat Internet-based child sexual abuse

DOCEBO | 21 Jul 2015

Venture capital firm Klass Capital acquires Seeweb’s shares in Docebo

DOCEBO | 16 Jul 2015

Docebo publishes whitepaper outlining strategies for integrating HR tools on the Cloud

DOCEBO | 08 Jul 2015

Docebo outlines strategies for integrating the HR systems landscape

DOCEBO | 17 Jun 2015

Rapid7 chooses Docebo’s Extended Enterprise LMS

DOCEBO | 14 May 2015

Docebo reveals the latest version of its learning management system at ATD 2015

DOCEBO | 06 May 2015

Docebo's new release focuses on Partners’ and Customers’ training via Extended Enterprise features

DOCEBO | 27 Apr 2015

Thomson Reuters gains global value from the Docebo learning management system

DOCEBO | 24 Mar 2015

Docebo whitepaper outlines the added value of Extended Enterprise

DOCEBO | 12 Mar 2015

Docebo reveals the Top Ten features of an Extended Enterprise

DOCEBO | 03 Mar 2015

Learning at travel retailer Nuance goes places thanks to Docebo

DOCEBO | 23 Feb 2015

Docebo Raises US$3M from Klass Capital to fuel North American Expansion

DOCEBO | 12 Feb 2015

Docebo whitepaper sheds light on the future of corporate MOOCs

DOCEBO | 11 Feb 2015

Docebo LMS retains its position among the Top Ten LMSs in the world

DOCEBO | 26 Jan 2015

Docebo and market analyst Craig Weiss explain the concept of the Extended Enterprise LMS

DOCEBO | 20 Jan 2015

London’s Learning Technologies show features the latest version of Docebo’s LMS

DOCEBO | 16 Jan 2015

Major new features in Docebo's latest LMS release, version 6.5

DOCEBO | 08 Jan 2015