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Docebo takes on social and informal eLearning with private beta launch

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Docebo today unveiled two new modules that, alongside the familiar LMS, capture and structure informal and social learning.

Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo.
Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo. 

The disruptive new modules — Docebo Coach and Docebo Share — address and implement the 70:20:10 learning framework to reach beyond the LMS and provide a home for knowledge already being shared across an organization. 

Select customers have been invited to participate in private beta testing until a public launch in Spring 2016. 

“We’ve heard from business leaders and organizations across the globe that they want a new approach to learning that matches the reality of how people really learn and build organizational knowledge,” said Docebo CEO Claudio Erba.

Docebo Coach empowers learners and subject matter experts to collaborate online to create best practices and share knowledge. The module is intended to enable top coaches to be recognized by their coworkers. 

Docebo Share captures user-generated knowledge, places it for peer review and validation and shares it across the organization. The module is designed to reward users who actively share knowledge capital with coworkers. 

Docebo Learn, meanwhile, continues to act as a powerful LMS Docebo customers know and trust, helping organizations create, track and distribute eLearning courses.

Research indicates ( the 70:20:10 learning framework is the gold standard for organizations that want to implement informal and social learning:

-  24 percent of organizations plan to adopt new learning modalities like online and mobile learning to appeal to a diverse set of learning styles;

-  Organizations plan to increase their learning budgets by an average of 87 percent over two years;

- “Best-in-class” organizations are 78 percent more likely than others to employ user-generated learning content;

- “Best-in-class organizations are five times more likely to use a social LMS.

“We know that most learning takes place in an informal setting, so we’re offering a simple solution that feels more natural in the way people share knowledge and coach each other,” Mr. Erba said. “Docebo can then tie in formal learning where it makes sense.”