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Most learning professionals want to change jobs, says survey

Stoke Prior, United KingdomLearning NewsBlue Eskimo

Blue Eskimo’s annual work and salary survey shows that 62.38% of learning professionals will be looking for a new job in 2013.


The survey is undertaken every year by the UK’s leading source of learning, e-learning and training jobs, Blue Eskimo.

This year’s survey has shown a slight increase in the number of people wanting to change jobs in the next 12 months, up from 58.85% last year.

“As you’d expect,” says Nick Bate, director at Blue Eskimo, “quite a few people – around a quarter – are after more money. Well, almost 60% of people didn’t get a rise this year – and many of those didn’t get a rise last year, either.”

It’s not all about money, though – 24.92% want a more interesting role, 16.29% want better career prospects and 12.38% want a better work-life balance.

“People are still broadly happy in this industry,” says Bate. “66.13% say that they are happy and 31.43% say that working in the learning industry is OK. Even those who don’t want to move jobs do want to see some change – around a third want more money and better benefits and almost 20% want to work for a company with a better strategy.”

There’s been a shift in the type of work which people want to do, too. IT training is now one of the least appealing roles to move into – while soft skills training is one of the most. “IT training roles have declined over the five years of the survey,” says Bate. “While roles in e-learning, soft skills and L&D are on the rise.”

The full survey is available to download free of charge from Blue Eskimo’s website: download the 2012 Work and Salary Survey.