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'Content is King' - Bringing learning excellence to the workplace

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Bigrock Sales & Operations Director, Mike Plowman, explores the relationship between learning technologies designed for the workplace and academic learning resources.

Learning technology initiates, embeds and brings to life workplace learning. New technologies have enabled L&D teams to take great strides forward in recent years both in terms of embedding specific training programmes and providing continuous access to learning resources to enable employees to deal with development needs as they arise. However, learning technologies are only as good as the content that sits behind them.

Bigrock Sales & Operations Director, Mike Plowman, explains: “Content is King! A learning tool, however dynamic and user friendly, is useless if it does not lead learners to powerful content. That is why Bigrock are so proud of our partnership with Ashridge Business School. Ashridge content brings our software applications to life, ensuring development needs are not only identified but solved.”

Seeking only the best for their clients, Bigrock favours material from Ashridge Business School. Ashridge, a byword for academic rigour and business excellence, provide world-class content based on leading research by the greatest minds in Business and Academia.

All of Bigrock’s software applications are supported by content exclusively chosen by Bigrock from Virtual Ashridge (the business school’s acclaimed digital library). OX Core, Bigrock’s Core Capability Management System, maps employee capabilities against the predefined skills, knowledge and behaviour levels considered applicable for their role. The system leads learners to targeted solutions from Virtual Ashridge and other internal sources specifically chosen by Bigrock, in collaboration with its clients, to address that particular need or shortfall.

Similarly, OX Assess, Bigrock’s assessment tool, also points learners towards selected Ashridge content that will address any particular needs or areas of weakness identified in the assessment process.

Where the partnership really comes into its own is in Bigrock’s library tool, OX Knowledge. Bigrock builds a select library for each of its clients, choosing the very best of Virtual Ashridge to populate the OX Knowledge application. Each client receives a virtual library tailored to its own specific needs that places relevant, regularly revised, content at the fingertips of employees. This mobile responsive platform enables learners to access Ashridge’s wealth of knowledge and learning at the touch of a button, anywhere, anytime.

From Pocket Books to Knowledge Maps, Audio Files to Webinars, employees can select a solution that suits them. The platform even allows learners to leave comments and share favourite resources with colleagues for a truly engaged and dynamic learning experience.

Bigrock is proud to present Ashridge’s content to new audiences in this way; to place these resources at the fingertips of those who will drive modern business into the future. Bigrock continues to work with Ashridge to develop new ways to present the business school’s leading learning content to workplace learners.

Both Ashridge Business School and Bigrock People Performance Solutions will be attending Learning Technologies 2014 on 29th and 30th January at Olympia 2, in London. For more details on attending the exhibition visit