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aNewSpring expands operations and launches aNewSpring Africa

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As South Africans welcome a new spring after the winter, it seems logical that aNewSpring, a learning technology company based in Holland, announced plans to launch its Africa operations in Johannesburg.


The E-learning Insights 2017 conference, held in Johannesburg and Cape Town last week, was the ideal platform to unveil plans to launch aNewSpring Africa P/L. The conference was hosted by New Leaf Technologies, who have been instrumental in the success of aNewSpring in Africa over the past years as aNewSpring’s exclusive distributor in the region.

aNewSpring is a Dutch-based company and a market leader when it comes to online learning platforms. This is a position they’ve achieved since their start in 2003 by focusing on offering training providers the tools to create inspiring learning journeys. They are recognised as being ranked in the world’s top-50 learning platforms.

“This is really good news for the South African industry”, said Paul Hanly, newly appointed Managing Director of aNewSpring Africa. “aNewSpring is an innovative company with a really inspiring product and I am delighted that they have the confidence to invest in the African market. We can now build long-lasting relationships with clients, as we’re able to provide local support, local onboarding as well as localised pricing. We’re not just another faceless cloud-based software solution. We are here on the ground with a really good understanding of the African market”.

The company will have its African head office based in Rivonia, Sandton.

Rene Persoon, who co-owns aNewSpring with Martèn de Prez, spent the past two weeks in both Cape Town and Johannesburg and is excited about the possibilities that Africa has to offer.

“Africa is such an interesting place. I have met a vast number of people and there is so much potential. Our learning platform is ideal for this market, where low bandwidth and high data costs are a reality. We provide training providers and corporate academies in Africa the technology to build inspiring and effective learning journeys without having to use data-intensive solutions such as SCORM. We look forward to our clients using our platform to reach more people to upskill and cross skill”, says Rene Persoon.

The aNewSpring learning platform has already been fully integrated with Sage X3 People, a leading Human Resources (HR) management tool. The open Application Programme Interface (API) makes integration across a wide range of other HR and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems very practical and relatively simple.

More information and a product tour of the learning technologies aNewSpring offers is available at

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