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aNewSpring adds new blended learning features with Release 69

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aNewSpring is thrilled to announce that release 69 of its learning platform makes it possible to include live events directly into a learning journey. Whether it’s a one-on-one call, a webinar, an exam session, or a classroom workshop, any event can now be included, integrated and managed in aNewSpring.


Trainer providers who offer blended learning can now use the platform to manage any learning activity. It doesn’t matter whether the learning activity takes place online or offline - it can always be included in a learning journey in the aNewSpring platform.

“Before Release 69 - external events could not be managed or tracked in aNewSpring. Learners had to sign up for events outside of the learning platform. Since many of our customers use our learning platform to offer blended learning, not being able to track and manage external events wasn’t ideal. With the current release, administrators and instructors can manage all events in one place. They can see who’s attended and use this information to release new learning activities based on attendance or the achieved score.” says Rik Achterberg, Product Designer at aNewSpring.

“We’re all pretty excited with this release. The development team releases a new version of the platform about every 6 weeks. With any sprint (the development team uses the scrum methodology)  they have to decide whether they’ll mostly be focusing on adding a new feature or whether to make improvements to existing features. This release delivers an important new feature many of our customers can use in their blended learning journeys.” says Corjan Bast, Content Hero at aNewSpring.

More information about the recent update can be found in the release notes on aNewSpring’s website.