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Acteon named Outstanding Innovator winners in Co-op supplier awards

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Acteon has been announced as the winner of the Outstanding Innovator category in Co-op’s Supplier Recognition awards.


Selected from over 70 entries, Acteon has been recognised for its work on the roll-out of SmartCash, Co-op’s new system for handling cash across the Food store estate.

The awards had entries from suppliers across Co-op's business, encompassing any services or goods not for resale, not only L&D.

The judges noted that Acteon’s campaign “captured the hearts and minds of colleagues” with 95% completion of the learning, praised as “really engaging and memorable”. 

Achieving real impact

Co-op’s new SmartCash system has saved millions and increased colleague safety – but success depended on colleagues changing ingrained habits for handling cash.

Acteon’s Rebecca Trigg explains:

“We took a behavioural approach to help embed the necessary changes for SmartCash, identifying specific actions Co-op colleagues needed to take. Working closely with Co-op teams in Operations and L&D, we designed a campaign to prompt those behaviours as well as inform and support colleagues.

“Co-op colleagues needed to put bank notes into a secure cash box, so we used humour and eye-catching animation, creating a soundalike Madonna song to remind colleagues to put the notes ‘Into the Groove’.”

Co-op’s CIO commented:

“Acteon did an amazing job of rolling out a significant training programme to 43,000 colleagues, resulting in millions of pounds of savings and improved colleague safety.”

Organisation-wide suppliers

Acteon’s Managing Partner Owen Rose added:

“We’re delighted to have this L&D and employee engagement campaign recognised in a category with such broad entries, with suppliers spanning services from IT to deliveries, uniforms to packaging, media agencies to other services and much more.”

Read more about the project here:

Acteon’s approach

In this Learning News video interview, published last week, Rebecca and Owen explain Acteon’s approach, including bringing insight about human behaviour into client projects, and why taking a campaign approach can transform results.