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How focusing on behaviours creates impact in learning

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Why is it more important than ever to focus on the business impact of learning interventions? And how can communication campaigns help deliver that impact? Learning News aims to find out in a spotlight interview with Acteon Communication and Learning.

Owen Rose and Rebecca Trigg, Acteon Communication and Learning
Owen Rose and Rebecca Trigg, Acteon Communication and Learning  

Communications campaigns with podcasts to post-it notes, social learning to songs, elearning and everything in between. These are the tools of communications and learning agency Acteon, which integrates communication campaigns with wider learning and elearning interventions to help to deliver behavioural change in the workplace.

What makes Acteon's approach different and how does it help to deliver impact, performance and bottom line results? 

I spent some time with two of Acteon's people, Consultant, Rebecca Trigg, who is helping Co-op Food to change workplace behaviours for thousands of its staff around how they handle cash and Managing Partner, Owen Rose, who I asked about how workplace learning is changing, impact and evaluation, and more.

Watch the interview with Acteon's Rebecca Trigg and Owen Rose here and check out more interviews and features with leaders in learning.

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