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Webinar: 'Speak to the human - Promoting positive behaviour change in uncertain times'

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Create learning experiences that promote positive behaviour change... The success of your organisation depends on the small, everyday actions of your people. How can you identify and shift these actions?


A webinar for L&D professionals and anyone who needs to prompt positive behaviour change.

How can we 'speak to the human' to make our learning messages matter? And how do you do this in a way that works in your organisation?

As L&D professionals (or anyone who needs to prompt people to take specific actions) we're in the business of behaviour change – helping our learners do the things they need to make them and their organisations more successful.

But changing behaviour is hard. It's a challenge to shift habits, overcome inertia, and encourage positive changes that stick.

In this free, one-hour webinar with Acteon Partner Owen Rose, we'll explore:

  • What behaviour change really means
  • Why it's hard to do it well
  • How behaviour change can help L&D achieve lasting impact
  • How you can use creative methods to promote positive behaviour change in a way that fits your organisational culture

Let's stop telling people what to do and instead create irresistible behaviour-changing content for busy human beings. 

Join us to find out how: