News stories from Acteon Communication and Learning in 2020

Webinar: 'Speak to the human - Promoting positive behaviour change in uncertain times'

Acteon Communication and Learning | 21 Oct 2020

Create learning experiences that promote positive behaviour change... The success of your organisation depends on the small, everyday actions of your people. How can you identify and shift these actions?

Learn to read ‘digital body language’

Acteon Communication and Learning | 28 Sep 2020

As we all increasingly move to virtual meetings and training, how can we improve our skills in keeping participants engaged online? This upcoming webinar this Wednesday with Jo Cook and Breeio will share tips and tricks for skillfully reading and responding to participants in your virtual classroom.

Breeio announces seamless Zoom-LMS integration

Acteon Communication and Learning | 29 May 2020

The team behind Breeio LMS is launching a streamlined integration with Zoom, making it easy to administrate, track and report on virtual events, as well as presenting virtual classroom sessions as part of blended programmes for learners.

Depart the ordinary: Acteon whisks you away at Learning Technologies 2020

Acteon Communication and Learning | 05 Feb 2020

Using virtual reality, Acteon will be helping LT2020 visitors to explore and visualise their dream destinations for learning.