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Acteon survey HR and L&D professionals to discover 'What makes impact'?

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“Driving behaviour change”, “aligning with culture” and “getting buy-in from senior leaders” topped Acteon's ‘impact’ poll at the CIPD Learning and Development Show 2017.

Acteon surveyed 160 HR and L&D professionals during the two-day exhibition to gauge the thoughts of the CIPD audience. The simple survey presented visitors with 20 key factors that contribute to a learning intervention, everything from setting clear KPIs at the outset to having an LMS/portal for managing and delivering the learning. 

Visitors were asked to pick their top three factors for delivering impact.“Driving behaviour change”, “aligning with culture” and “getting buy-in from senior leaders”  ranked highest in the poll. 

The 20 factors in the survey included a number of common learning intervention types, and there were a few surprises. “Face-to-face” interventions were rated highest for delivering impact, with “performance support” also scoring well. 

The survey also included a group of factors associated with successful implementation. Things like “internal communication”“evaluation” and “reporting”. Overall, these factors scored lower than others, perhaps suggesting that most respondents are more focused on design and creation of the intervention, rather than delivery. 

The full summary can be found on Acteon's website.