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Double success for diversity: Acteon and Channel 4 win two E-Learning Awards

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Acteon and Channel 4 were double award winners at the annual E-learning Awards on 25 November 2015.

The partnership took home two silvers for ‘Best e-learning project’ and ‘Excellence in the production of learning content’. Acteon have been a finalist in the ‘Best e-learning project’ category for four years in a row, winning gold in 2013 and 2014.

“We’re delighted that Born Different is making such a positive impact – and winning two silvers, in these highly competitive awards, is a great accolade,” said Owen Rose, a managing partner at Acteon.

Acteon helped Channel 4 to create e-learning and internal communications to embed a culture of practising diversity. “Channel 4 wanted a game-changing learning intervention, and we worked closely with them to create it,” says Acteon Consultant James Woodman. “Diversity is a complex and sensitive subject and “Born Different” was created to reaffirm Channel 4’s leadership in this area both on and off-screen. The title of the course links to the Channel’s reputation of taking risks and pushing boundaries.”

The success of the project has attracted attention from external organisations with a responsibility for promoting diversity. The campaign group, Stonewall, has praised the programme and are recommending the approach to other organisations.    

“Channel 4’s Born Different is an excellent example of a creative way to engage employees on diversity and inclusion topics,” said Sarah Foster, a Major Partnerships Manager at Stonewall. Channel 4 have taken a bold step of publicising targets for staff diversity, which makes them one of a very small group of pioneering employers. The campaign and e-learning they have designed is both visually engaging and hard-hitting, and is a great example of an organisation using their creativity as well as their own unique tone of voice to create engaging resources that resonate with their staff.”

“People can get diversity fatigue”, said Baroness Oona King, Diversity Executive at Channel 4. “But by capturing the spirit and values of Channel 4, Born Different engaged with hearts and minds. It was a call to action and Channel 4 people acted! And that matters, because when we get diversity right we unlock talent – which makes us better at everything we do.”