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5app makes Talented Learning’s 2023 Top 10 Learning Systems Watchlist

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5app, the learning platform that delivers rapid knowledge transfer, has today announced its placement on the Talented Learning 2023 Top 10 Learning Systems Watchlist.

John Leh's video review of 5app

The Watchlist recognises that some of the hottest innovations come from smaller, newer vendors, described as 'rising stars' by Talented Learning CEO John Leh.

"This low total cost of ownership solution simplifies learning management and just-in-time content delivery," said John. "Additionally, it serves as a corporate communications hub, combining multi-step email marketing campaign technology with learner communications. They also provide an in-app mechanism to track and prove program impact."

This is 5app's first appearance on one of Talented Learning's award lists, which is a testament to the growth of the learning and comms platform. This award follows 5app's recent SME News IT Awards win in the Most Innovative Learning Engagement Platform category, demonstrating the strength of 5app for small-but-mighty teams, alongside some of the world's biggest brands.

"Our inclusion on the Talented Learning Watchlist is a huge achievement for 5app, and it's yet more evidence that we're on the up and up," said Steve Thompson, 5app's new Chief Learning Officer. "5app is one of the most flexible platforms on the market, being used across SMEs and in some of the world's best-known organisations, and we have huge ambitions for 2024 and beyond - watch this space!"

In John's video review of 5app, he said: “5app is super easy to use, deploy and set up, and that makes it really good for special projects.”

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