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Xyleme’s LCMS Saves Ford’s Finance Division 75% on Translation

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Ford Motor Company’s Finance Division has reduced translation costs by 75% and shortened translation turnaround by more than 50% since implementing Xyleme’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS) in 2018.

Ford adopted Xyleme’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to increase efficiency and reduce costs in translation management in the Finance Department, which serves more than 5,000 learners globally.

“Xyleme has been a terrific time and cost savings for us,” says Carol Droin, Ford Finance Learning & Development. “For me, the savings are perpetual.”

With Xyleme, Ford authors now create learning content in Xyleme and push that same content out to a range of output types, from eLearning and web courses to print formats like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Because Xyleme stores content in flexible XML, it is not tied to presentation, making it easy to export and import only what is needed for translation. As a result, translation can now be completed in a fraction of the time.

As a result, Ford’s Finance Division was able to reduce average translation costs from approximately $2,600 per course, to just $650 per course — a 75% savings, totaling more than $175,000 to date. At the same time, translation turnaround times have been cut in half, from an average of three months per course to just four-to-six weeks per course.

Not only does Xyleme streamline the translation process, it also supports localization, which allows organizations like Ford to designate specific words or terms as variables and dynamically substitute those words at the point of publishing, while still maintaining a single source of truth. 

With Xyleme, content can now easily be tailored to a variety of audience requirements, including unique branding, product names, and cultural context, allowing global organizations to efficiently localize content at scale, while also improving the user experience.

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