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Xyleme and Learning Strategist Bryan Chapman Release Informal Learning Webinar

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Webinar provides attendees tools to create an executable and superior informal learning strategy.

On February 13, 2014, to over 400 people, the highly sought-after Bryan Chapman delivered a highly engaging presentation on the importance of informal learning.

Staggering facts such as, “Companies that deployed mobile learning said that they saw a 52% improvement in performance (The eLearning Guild),” and “Employees spend about 23% or their working hours, searching for and gathering information that will help them do their jobs (McKinsey Global Institute)” drove home the need for organizations to make changes to their learning strategies to allow for learning that is personalized to the user and available anytime, anywhere, or “Just-In-Time.”

“Why is Just-in-Time learning important anywhere, anytime, anyplace? It’s really learning at the moment of need, getting right at the point of performance,” explained Bryan Chapman during the webinar. “Getting content ready for this type of learning takes a different skill set. It requires people thinking modularly, keeping it simple, very focused, very to the point.”

Courtesy of Xyleme, the leader in standards-based learning solution, this webinar is now available for download from its website at:

Bryan Chapman’s new e-publication on informal learning, using insights taken from this webinar, will also be available shortly.