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Learning in the workflow with Bob Mosher

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Bob Mosher, the performance-focused learning expert, author and co-founder of ‘The 5 Moments of Need’ learning methodology, is running a webinar next week to help learning and development professionals understand the vision and concepts of this revolutionary approach to workflow learning.

Bob Mosher is CEO of Apply Synergies and co-founder of 'The 5 Moments of Need' methodology
Bob Mosher is CEO of Apply Synergies and co-founder of 'The 5 Moments of Need' methodology 

COVID-19 has altered training as we know it. Forever. The speed and frequency of change we now face are bewildering. Employees engaged in their work, wherever that may be, need information, answers, guidance, and solutions, fast. But they also can’t take information overload; they require the right support at the right time – in their moment of need.

Delivering learning in the flow of work is often the only and most effective way to train employees to improve their performance. But this is nothing new, merely an exponential acceleration in what has been happening for years as training, classroom or e-learning, have been unable to keep pace with the speed of change, incapable of delivering targeted learning and support to help employees at their moment of need.

To successfully adapt to a workflow learning approach requires a total re-think of the methods we use to design and deliver our training programs. Bob Mosher, Chief Learning Evangelist of APPLY Synergies and founder of the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology, has been doing that re-thinking for the last 15 years and invites people involved in workplace learning to join his webinar, Are you ready for the learning revolution?, on 3 December to learn about the vision and concepts of this revolutionary workflow learning methodology. 

The webinar is being running along with Xprtise, which last week won an award for its work building workflow learning and performance support at the LT Awards 2020 for Best International Digital Transformation of a Training Program in response to COVID-19

Registration is available via the event page: Are you ready for the learning revolution?

Date: December 3, 2020 
Time: 14:00 - 15:00 GMT
Location: Zoom online meeting