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    • The 5 Moments of Need UK Program

      Xprtise | London, UK |

      Xprtise and The 5 Moments of Need launch a UK Designer Program to address a paramount concern of learning leaders: how to embed learning into the flow of work?

    • The 5 Moments of Need - the Essentials

      Xprtise | London, UK |

      February 2021. The 5 Moments of Need Academy and Xprtise launch new Essentials workshop for workflow learning in The 5 Moments of Need, as the shift towards designing learning in the workflow gathers momentum.

    • Learning in the workflow with Bob Mosher

      Xprtise | London |

      Bob Mosher, the performance-focused learning expert, author and co-founder of ‘The 5 Moments of Need’ learning methodology, is running a webinar next week to help learning and development professionals understand the vision and concepts of this revolutionary approach to workflow learning.

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