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xAPIgo to Make International Debut at Learning Technologies

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Interactive, hands-on game allows players to experience xAPI technology firsthand while competing for prizes.


Watershed, the leader in learning analytics platforms, is excited to announce that it will be co-hosting xAPIgo—a fun, free game that showcases Experience API (xAPI) in action—during the Learning Technologies exhibition and conference next month.

“There’s so much cool stuff you can do with custom xAPI solutions, but there’s a perception that you need to be a data expert or a programmer to implement xAPI,” said Andrew Downes, Watershed’s learning and interoperability consultant.

“That may have been true two years ago, but now there are so many products you can connect immediately. And xAPIgo demonstrates not only how easy xAPI is to implement, but also how many things are possible with this technology.”

What’s xAPIgo?

xAPIgo is an interactive, hands-on game that’s open to all conference attendees and allows players to experience xAPI technology firsthand while challenging others for the top of the leaderboard.

Several conference exhibitors will offer unique “xAPIstops” at their stands, where players will participate in xAPI-enabled activities. These activities range from the simple to the outlandish, from the basic to the complex, from the inspirational to the aspirational.

Players will be tracked as they complete e-learning courses, watch videos, play games, and more at the following xAPIstops: Agylia (N10), dominKnow (M1), gomo Learning (B16), HT2 Labs (N14), LEO Learning (B16), PageTiger (U2), RISC, Inc. (H1), Tribridge (R7), Trivantis (L14), Unicorn Training (P14), Watershed (A22).

Data from these activities will be collected in Watershed, and players can stop by Stand A22 to monitor their progress as they compete for prizes—including limited edition designer prints that celebrate the history of xAPI. A carousel of reports also will be displayed online at More information, registration and a map of xAPIstops is available at