News stories from Virtual College by Netex in 2021

Virtual College’s latest report delivers valuable insights into new and emerging L&D technologies

Virtual College by Netex | 09 Dec 2021

It can’t be denied, technology is currently changing the way in which L&D teams operate throughout all industries and sectors and is providing the L&D professional with many new creative options. To help navigate these, Virtual College, a digital learning provider with over 27 years’ experience, has released a report titled "The Future of Learning & Development". This report explores and discusses the new ways in which technology can be used to enhance digital training programmes.

Virtual College releases report to help businesses ‘revolutionise’ their L&D programmes

Virtual College by Netex | 08 Sep 2021

Following the success of their first L&D report in their three-part series, digital learning provider Virtual College has now released the second report, The Importance of Investing in your Learners. Exploring a question that every business is asking – how much time and effort do we need to invest into our learning programmes – this report offers guidance and insight into why businesses must embrace this investment and how they can go about it.

Virtual College releases report on how to create training for the learner

Virtual College by Netex | 10 Jun 2021

A lot has changed in the world of learning and development in the last year, namely the big move to digital learning, which many businesses had to undertake to ensure that their training could be carried out in remote settings. But another significant change is how learners want to learn. They have been introduced to a new way of working, and have been given more freedom and flexibility with their time, both which seem to have had a significant effect on how they want to learn.

Why businesses turned to digital learning to get them through pandemic year

Virtual College by Netex | 20 May 2021

Now they are a year on from the start of the pandemic and starting to come through the other side, Virtual College, a leading digital training provider based in Yorkshire, looks back and reflects on what they have learnt from this year, what trends they have seen and what other businesses can learn from these insights.

This is what Brits are asking about returning to work after lockdown, according to Google

Virtual College by Netex | 29 Apr 2021

As the return to work is in-sight, we headed to Google to analyse what employees and business owners alike are wanting to know about returning to the office.

Virtual College creates a course about learning from serious child safeguarding incidents

Virtual College by Netex | 18 Mar 2021

Virtual College has created an extremely valuable course to improve safeguarding responses to children and their families through the learning from Serious Case Reviews (SCRs). It also covers the management of serious child safeguarding incidents under Working Together 2018

Virtual College releases a new leadership and management course offer

Virtual College by Netex | 01 Mar 2021

Virtual College have refreshed and updated their leadership and management offering, creating a new suite of courses that is timely and relevant to today’s business climate.

Virtual College joins Government campaign urging nation to boost job prospects

Virtual College by Netex | 08 Jan 2021

Virtual College is delighted to be part of ’An Hour to Skill’ campaign alongside other educational institutions including Amazon Web Services, FutureLearn, Cisco, Lloyds Bank, LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft, The Open University and many more.