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David Manrique outlines the benefits of interactive video for learning institutions at OEB2019

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Our current generation is one made out of digital natives, people who do not remember a day without information at the tip of their fingers and accessible 24/7, so it should come as no surprise that our learning institutions should adapt to this new reality.

With over 1 billion educational videos being watch daily in social media networks as YouTube and Vimeo, learning a new subject has never been easier. For our student population, up-to-date easy to access and easy to navigate content is key, and what better way to to achieve that than interactive video.

The goal of interactive video is not to replace your existent ecosystems but make them even better, by seamlessly integrating into your known and beloved platforms and adding the added value and the immediacy of Video, Metadata and analytics we can evolve together with the current and coming generations to benefit this ever changing learning landscape. 

This talk aims to highlight the bests ways for your institutions to plan and implement an interactive video strategy. 

OEB 2019, incorporating Learning Technologies, has a unique, cross-sector focus, fostering exchange on the use of new technologies in learning and training in the corporate, education and public service sectors. It takes place in Berlin this week from 27-29 November.