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How to Engage All Learners in 2018 with TurningPoint

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Visitors to Learning Technologies can find out what makes Turning Technologies the global leader in audience response technology with some of the exciting new features coming exclusively to TurningPoint users in 2018.

How to Engage Learners in 2018 with TurningPoint
How to Engage Learners in 2018 with TurningPoint 

At Turning Technologies we are dedicated to helping to improve learning outcomes both inside and outside the learning environment. Our hybrid solution allows all of our response options to work effortlessly together in real time, permitting ultimate flexibility and an environment that works for all learners. 

In 2018 we are looking forward to expanding our web capabilities that will further enable Turning Technologies to be an engagement success platform. We aim to enhance learning outcomes even more so by facilitating participant and presenter interaction both inside and outside of the classroom, with support of real-time data analytics for post-presentation analysis. This year promises to be our most exciting yet as we will give presenters the opportunity to run presentations strictly on their local computer using TurningPoint Desktop, from a native PowerPoint add-in that sends all results to the web, and allow them to run all polling questions from a purely web based browser both synchronously and asynchronously. Turning Technologies will also offer even more additional value for participants by allowing them to review presentations outside of the learning environment, evaluate how they responded amongst other learners and providing them with the ability to create unique new learning tools to help gain maximum understanding of content inside and outside of the classroom. 

Kerry McDaid, a HR Advisor in West Lothian Council stated the following about our easy-to-use engagement and assessment tool, "TurningPoint has not only helped us reach staff in a new and interesting way, it has helped us capture their interest and engage them, meeting our overall training success measures. It is also becoming a popular choice for trainers and we are being asked more often if groups of people can borrow the keypads for their sessions. Both users and trainers are perfectly happy with it – what more can we ask for?” 

The Turning Technologies team are here to help organisations get started and ensure they are successful with proven learning theories.

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