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Training Orchestra to Address the Complexities of Hybrid Training at Learning Live London 2022

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Training Orchestra, the global leader in Training Resource Management Systems (TRMS), will address the complexities of hybrid classroom and virtual classroom training at Learning Live 2022 in London.

Organizations were already struggling with managing a mix of in-person and virtual classroom learning programs prior to the pandemic. But now, more than two years later, the landscape has grown more complex, with 94% of organisations reporting that they utilise a Hybrid Learning approach, according to Brandon Hall Group’s paper, The Hybrid Learning Revolution. This rise in Hybrid Learning does not come without added complexity, however. In its paper, Brandon Hall continues to report that organisations are struggling to deliver highly engaged learning in a hybrid work environment, experiencing the following key challenges among others: Not enough time, budget constraints, inadequate technology, and not enough people to do the job.

For many organisations, the L&D skills, processes, and technologies that have been in place for years may not be suitable to meet these new challenges and changing demands.

“Technology must be part of the solution. Virtual classroom training is growing and face-to-face training has made a comeback since the onset of the pandemic. So now, there is this more complex, hybrid mix of both—and it’s exposing the gaps and inefficiencies of trying to manage critical back-office operations and logistics with traditional learning technologies such as the LMS,” said Stephan Pineau, Founder & CEO of Training Orchestra.

In-person and virtual classroom training require in-depth scheduling, resource management, tracking, and reporting. And, while in-person courses are typically designed in multi-hour sessions over the course of two or three days, virtual sessions are typically shorter in duration and spread out over much longer periods of time. Trying to combine the two approaches, along with the need for additional resources, room and facilitators, can be tricky and require the right approach and the right technologies.

Visit Training Orchestra at Learning Live 2022 (Stand 38) to learn how you can eliminate manual processes, automate and optimise classroom and virtual classroom training operations, and address the gaps in your currently learning tech stack to more efficiently run your hybrid training.

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