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Cyber Security Pulse - have your say

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In 2018 only 4 out 10 L&D leaders reported that their team is able to help their organisation manage risk successfully; Towards Maturity's Cyber Security Learning Pulse aims to gather data and insights around cyber-security learning.


As Cyber Security Awareness month comes to a close – Towards Maturity’s Cyber Security Pulse continues to galvanise corporate learning to consider the challenges and the gap between the pace of technological development and the capabilities in cyber security learning needed to ensure that the risk of cyber attacks and breaches are handled expertly.

This Towards Maturity Pulse will examine whether innovations in design can help close the gap and upskill individuals not just for todays challenges, but also to future-proof organisations who are increasingly trying to keep ahead of the curve. How can we understand the barriers facing the development of skills within cyber-security - and what is holding learners and organisations back from developing these capabilities?

There is still time for people to contribute to this Pulse which closes on the 8 November

One of Towards Maturity’s commitments to each valued contributor is to share some top-level insights exclusively before the research is published for the wider research community.