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L&D Transformation Journey – initial statistics revealed

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Towards Maturity’s new and updated 2018 Health Check is underway and is yielding its first observations into the progress L&D is making with digital transformation.

The Towards Maturity L&D Health Check specifically measures the performance of an organisation’s L&D strategy by guiding people through a series of questions about their learning offering and impact. It is an invaluable, reflective process, providing actionable insights to improve the impact of L&D strategy and is available for all L&D professionals to complete until the end of July.

Digital transformation is at the top of most business agendas and for some time L&D leaders around the globe understand the need to change to keep up.

We are now four weeks into the 2018 Health Check Season and we are already exploring the early findings from the first 300 learning leaders who have taken part. Results so far provide us with evidence showing:

  1. There is a slow increase in online learning
    Still over 53% delivered face to face in first sample, but 26% is now delivered online, up from 22% last year however 45% say they are being held back by a lack quality content.

  1. Self-directed learning is still a hope vs a reality
    94% looking to improve self-directed learning but only 18% currently reporting success (slightly lower than last year). We’re investing more in tools like AI and search engine optimisation than last year as L&D look to remove the friction in learning but 37% still report learner reluctance to engage.

  2. The bigger culture challenge
    Despite investments in new ways of learning, it’s clear that L&D leaders still face a bigger challenge in shifting the attitude to learners with 56% reporting that learning is still not a management priority.

  3. Is L&D ready for the future of learning?
    It can be tough to influence change in an organisation – the easier place to start is with L&D itself. We need new skills for the future to help us define strategy and connect with the business but fewer this year are reporting that they have skills in learning strategy (42% down from 55% last year) and in performance consulting 29% vs 41%) last year. Only 18% have skills in data analytics (30% last year) and 25% have developed skills in supporting learning in the workplace (down from 41%).  It is early days in the 2018 Health Check so we will be watching the dashboard closely to monitor how this changes over time.

“Learning transformation is a long and complicated journey – all our evidence highlights that small changes can make a big difference but how do we decide what is the next best step? In 2018, the Towards Maturity Health Check is a good place to start,” explains Laura Overton, CEO, Towards Maturity.

93% of Health Check respondents said that completing the 2018 Health Check review alone has provided new insights on how to get fit for the future.

“The next step for one organisation will not be the same as the next step for another - the challenge is identifying the right next step for each organisation and that is where Towards Maturity’s health check comes in,” added Overton.

Taking time out to review strategy is literally money well spent - participants receive an interactive personalised health dashboard in early September plus, for those who can’t wait, participants also get immediate feedback on that tactics we know to drive learning culture.

The L&D Health Check is available until 31 July 2018 via Towards Maturity’s web site.